An Interview with Mindset Coach and Certified Hypnobreathwork Facilitator, Megan Mackenzie

Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point? 

I had two separate people enter my life at the time of my father’s passing. One was a woman who is still my mentor today she taught me reiki and the other was a family member who taught me other things, which left me with the impression or message that yes there is great misery in the world but there is also great opportunity for healing and growth if we ask the right questions and use the right healing tools. 

25 years later I have finally found a healing modality that hits all the spots – HypnoBreathwork. 


What has been your biggest achievement? 

I believe my biggest achievement to date is the way I’ve been able to transform the tragedy of my parents’ suicide into giving me more life. When I questioned the world around me, I decided to ensure my own life. The tragedy was the biggest gift to have been given to me. 


What’s the biggest result you help your clients to achieve? 

I find HypnoBreathwork to be the most effective and efficient tool to achieve results. I don’t work with people very long – typically I will work with them for five days and they achieve phenomenal results. We use hypnotherapy and breathwork to take my clients to a very intense and powerful place. We work through heavy topics in a safe space where they can process and heal. The results are very powerful and in the end, the result is so euphoric and blissful.  


What would be your biggest piece of advice for readers who want to achieve the same? 

Know that those negative thought patterns are just a thought pattern, and you can change them! Remember how amazing and capable you are. 


What are the biggest mistakes you see people make and how can they be avoided? 

To not get stuck in blame shame or guilt these are only indicators that something needs attention, these emotions are not the destination. So, if you can set them aside and get really curious about your situation and how you played a role in co-creating it, this level of awareness and maturity will gain you wisdom and freedom from being a victim of circumstance. 


How do you plan on further growing your business?

I want to spread the word about my HypnoBreathwork practice and help people remember their power – and the power of self-belief. I want to grow the connected woman brand and what that stands for. Collectively we can all rise in our own journeys and understand how modern life messes with our health and well-being. The connected woman brand incorporates health and well-being in a crazy modern world. 


Where can the readers find you?

You can find me on IG @the.connected.woman and the website which is 


Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.