An Interview With Marie Autiello, The Billion Dollar Healer

Introduce yourself! Share a little bit of what you do. 

Hi! My name is Marie Autiello, The Billion Dollar Healer. I heal those who are ready to transform with no fluff. Using my spiritual tools and healing and psychic abilities, the transformations are mind-blowing. 

Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point?    

I’ve been on my road for decades, I first healed myself from trauma when I was 18 and I’m now 54.  

About 10 years into my spiritual journey, I wanted to move into a soul-aligned career.  I then started learning healing modalities, such as Reiki and sacred geometry.  Twenty-six years ago, I started practicing Reiki on friends and family. Over the years, I have added many other healing modalities to my toolbox. Recently, the calling to get on my path was so strong. Lightworkers are needed more than ever. I’m stepping up. I’m here, ready to serve.


What’s your vision? What do you want this change to be? 

My master goal is to heal the universe. To accomplish this, a massive team is needed, not just myself. Billion Dollar Healer is going to be a global connection. I have several teams to help lift the world. There will be holistic health for medical issues, and with all the money I will be making, I’ll be able to make a substantial change where everyone will be housed and fed and have healthy water. It is a massive Billion Dollar Healer; it is a crusade. It is a massive vision. 


How can people get involved? 

The best way to get involved is to allow yourself to become your authentic self. That’s the first thing you have to take ownership of yourself. I can help by healing and mentoring people. One of my superpowers is having the ability to heal multiple people at once.  


How did you discover that you had this superpower? 

I’m very connected with my inner self. I do a lot of meditating and tuning in to my intuition. I asked for guidance, ‘What’s next?’. Last year prior to launching my business, I wanted to have some reviews, so I did a treat and the message was ‘You need to do group healings’. I just took the leap and did it. The results were phenomenal. 

One person’s depression was healed in this group format – spontaneously healed in one group session. Another person was able to let go of a drug addiction. I hear a lot of people feel newfound freedom and are able to start navigating into their lives with better flow and ease after receiving my healings. 


Any last words for our readers? 

The truth is within and the healing comes with it. I’ve been on this path as a healer for six years; I’ve done the work, I’ve done the digging, I’ve done the ‘down and dirty’. Because of that, I am a matrix crusher and a paradigm builder. My paradigm is gorgeous because you don’t have to go through the trenches of reliving the pain. You don’t have to spend decades remembering past lives. I could bring you there in a quantum second. What’s gorgeous is, the healing process is helping my clients catapult to their highest selves with ease and flow. 


Where can the readers find you? 

Visit my website,


Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.