Zombie Love Triangle Hits Streaming Services Worldwide

A killer comedy with a twist has arrived on streaming services worldwide.

Filmed on location in Essex and Leeds, There’s No Such Thing as Zombies is a multi-award-winning indie flick with a cast to die for, including Rudolph Barrow and Rami Hilmi. The plot centres on Carlotta, played by Anglesey-based Luana Ribeira, who finds herself entangled in a scarily complicated love triangle.

The movie gained cult status after its screening at the one and only Cannes Film Festival, and fans across the world will be thrilled to find out that There’s No Such Thing as Zombies is finally out now on Amazon Prime and Vimeo.

Featuring a love triangle involving zombies, the film has been described as Night of the Living Dead meets Casablanca. The side-splitting comedy was dreamed up by renowned indie horror writer Michael Haberfelner and directed by Eddie Bammeke.

It also includes special appearances by the legendary Lynn Lowry and Debra Lamb, alongside Scott Hillier, Rachel Brownstein, Alexander Fernando, Paul Phoenix Sutton, and Martina McClements.


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