A Professional Dancer and the Average Joe Have Something in Common – Body Work and Wellness.

Michael Hamilton

Michael Hamilton owner of Uplift Health and Wellness™

With over 10,000 sports injuries that happen each and every week throughout the US people should be aware of how things affect their bodies.  People compartmentalize their life, they compartmentalize their body and then they just keep going as their bodies break down.

West Hollywood, Sept 19, 2016 – In a recent interview with Beverly Boyko, President of Optima Publishing and California Business Mavericks, Michael Hamilton owner of Uplift Health and Wellness™   discussed wellness, body work and health.

Michael Hamilton started dancing professionally at a very tender age of 10.  Michael later moved on to join the Maine State Ballet at 14.  Unfortunately, during a closed dress rehearsal Michael strained his hamstring before going into a full season of The Nutcracker. Thankfully, the onsite Dr. helped and guided him through his injury till he was able to relax the injury and continue without missing a show.

As a result of that injury, Michael was introduced to body work, and after years of enjoying these benefits Michael decided to learn more by attending California Healing Arts College. After receiving a Master Degree, he opened Uplift Health and Wellness in Southern California.  Michael has been using natural and learned muscular and skeletal awareness also with dance and sport background (football and tennis). He also infuses a dozen more modalities of massage, ballet and Thai stretching in order to make sure that the patient is getting whatever their body needs which has earned him great respect from his patients whom he do not only thinks of treating but makes sure that when a patient comes they will leave with great curiosity and new things that the patient can put into daily practice.

“I learned just how much people are unaware of how things affect their bodies and how their bodies affect their entire experience,” says Michael. “Uplift offers chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture as well as fitness classes. I would say that the thing that sets Uplift apart is each one of us; the people that work with me and myself have gone through some sort of recovery ourselves. So I feel like when you come to see us, we relate to you, not only as a physician or a caretaker but also somebody who’s been there and understands that it can be daunting and it can be discouraging and that you kind of just have to be where you are in that journey of healing and make sure that patients don’t feel like it’s unattainable to get to where they want to be.”

At Uplift Health and Wellness™, we aim to be the professional support and guide for all the things that you need to heal. We provide holistic healing though well rounded experience so that no matter what stage you are at, we have someone who can go on that journey with you. Heal yourself and be healed, we will be your guide.

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Beverly Boyko

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