Advertising Trucks: The New Brand and Behavior Driver

Advertising Trucks: The New Brand and Behavior Driver
There are few industries that so fervently and aggressively pursue two of the pillars of advertising – Brand Awareness and Call to Action – as the legal industry. You’ve all seen them for decades on Radio, Television, and Out of Home (OOH). Lawyers will tell a story on their Television or Radio ads while their OOH billboards and bus ads reinforce their brand and showcase the phone number that drives all their marketing efforts. And there appears to be a new thread being woven into this behemoth of the advertising world: TSN Advertising trucks.

In a pair of back to back market and even statewide truck advertising campaigns, TSN has been catapulted to the top of a new form or Branding and Call to Action campaign for the Legal Industry throughout Florida and Los Angeles, with another pair of campaigns set to launch later this year. With oversized trucks that remain in the hearts of their advertiser’s markets, TSN offers the combination of size and cost for which seasoned OOH buyers have been looking.

In many cases, if not most, the legal industry is in a constant battle with competitors over driving the impression into the consumer’s mind that their firm is the most reputable, powerful, and dependable around. There are few ways to better display these traits than with large, prominent OOH ads. But with rising OOH prices, the rub has increasingly been balancing the need for size & location with the realities of cost. Up until recently, there simply hasn’t been a way around the cost of a premier location billboard, nor has there been a way around the immense costs of a large, let alone full, bus wrap. All this is changing with the TSN Advertising model. 

TSN works with large, local delivery trucks to provide larger than life ads at fractions of the current market’s costs. With an average production cost per square foot of just $4 and CPMs consistently under $3, compared to $6-8 / sq. ft.. for bus banners and $15+ for full bus wraps, TSN has appealed to the legal industries need for size and dominance in their markets, all while keeping a lid on the OOH component’s overall spend. Not only that, TSN Advertising has elevated the entire industry’s standards on wrap quality with their best in class and recently upgraded, Signature InfinityWrap™

Location, Location, Location?

Not every location is created equally in the advertising world. In fact, in the world of advertising, some locations cost advertisers money as wasted advertising dollars go unseen by the clients or customers that make the whole system tick. This couldn’t be truer of the truck advertising industry. Fortunately for TSN Advertising clients, TSN has years of data on which trucks are worthy of our clients’ hard earned, and high expectation advertising dollars. And back to that location envy? Well, TSN only works with the ~2% of trucks that make deliveries underneath that prominently located billboard.

TSN trucks don’t sit idle in their lots for 20+ hours a day like other company’s trucks or less reputable companies who simply wrap any truck out there just to show a photo of the completed wrap. TSN trucks don’t just head out to hyper-local industrial yards for a few hours, only to return before noon, again, as other companies continue to do. TSN works with trucks that when wrapped, are seen by dozens of personal friends of the advertiser within days of launch, which is exactly what happened the first week the new Andy Ellis Law Firm campaign launched in Los Angeles. Or the daily waves and honks TSN Advertising trucks received within hours of launching the statewide Kanner & Pintaluga campaign in Florida, which is helping people get what’s owed to them from the devastation of Hurricane Irma last year.

And with four years, nearly 150 campaigns launched in dozens of markets totaling nearly 2,000 truck ads, TSN Advertising has the experience to know which trucks have advertising value in markets across the US and Canada. 

Are you looking into billboard truck ads for your OOH marketing campaign?

TSN Advertising is a truck-side outdoor advertising company that provides billboard style advertising but at fractions of the cost of billboards or comparably sized buses.

TSN only works with the most valuable delivery trucks. These trucks look amazing and provide the most advertising exposure for your budgets.

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