Amazon Best Selling Book “I Need More Clients” [by Jason Ciment of Scottsdale based] to be Released in Special GDPR 3rd Edition in July 2018

Amazon Best Selling Book "I Need More Clients” [by Jason Ciment of Scottsdale based] to be Released in Special GDPR 3rd Edition in July 2018
Jason Ciment will soon be launching the 3rd edition of his best-selling book, “I Need More Clients,” the step-by-step guide that includes “Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business.” Jason’s book hit the Amazon’s best seller list in 2017 (#2 in the Direct Marketing Category). This edition will address the impact of European GDPR regulations on digital lead generation activities of businesses in America. The forward-thinking advice and the digital marketing subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for Lawyers, CPAs, consultants, healthcare providers, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

Readers will learn how to attract more clients using online tools, old-school marketing strategies and modernized lead-generation techniques. The book was originally conceived as an internal operations guide for Get Visible staff members.  Many of the ideas evolved from the years Jason and his business partner Michael Moshkovich have managed their digital marketing and Scottsdale SEO services agency out of Beverly Hills, California and Scottsdale, Arizona.

One of the must reads is the “P6 business growth recipe” – the underlying philosophy behind an ongoing, profitable and sustainable client and lead generation program for a professional services-oriented business. The simple sounding P6 ingredients include:

  1. PACKAGE a clear and compelling offer
  2. PRESENT this offer again and again
  3. To different groups of targeted PEOPLE
  4. That PERCEIVE they need what you are offering
  5. Who PREFER you over your competitors
  6. And who can PAY for what they buy from you

Ciment echoed his drive to simplicity by saying, “I realized after years of writing for different blogs and journals like “” and “”, that as my college professor used to say, “I have a keen insight into the obvious.” This always inspired me to distill complicated topics like search engine optimization (SEO) and Facebook marketing into simpler forms that could be easier to understand – even by laypeople.”

There are no pages with orphaned text – meaning each page ends with a period. Making something easier to read, also makes it easier to follow and comprehend. The result is an easy-to-read business book that can help any service provider (e.g. lawyer), business owner, or manager of a non-profit organization get a better sense of the typically murky digital marketing tactics in under 3 hours.

The Get Visible team uses a similar mode of thinking when deploying digital marketing campaigns for clients as disparate as Westfield or the law firm of Jacoby and Meyers. Instead of operating in a black box like other agencies, Get Visible educates its clients about the techniques being deployed. The more the clients learn, the more capable they are at ensuring the success of their campaigns.

Mimi Grant, President of writes, “I loved this book. In truth it could just as easily be titled I Need More Customers, Patients, Members…., because it’s a quick, fun-to-read, deep dive into how to maximize your visibility on the web to attract people who will pay for your services and products. I started taking my ACTION Notes on page 10, and by the time I closed the cover I had three pages of notes and Must Do’s on all the steps we need to take to ensure we’re maximizing the value of our company’s website.”


In the early 1990’s, Jason worked as a CPA for Kenneth Leventhal & Co. (top real estate accounting firm in the U.S.) in the New York office. Accountants will appreciate that Jason passed the CPA exam in one sitting with a 308 score (which meant he studied 8 points more than necessary). Jason then attended Fordham Law School as a next step to becoming an Estate Attorney. In 1996, upon graduating with honors and passing the New York State Bar, life took a different turn and Jason started his first ecommerce business to sell magazine subscriptions via an ecommerce site. This venture got funded by an Internet incubator with a $40MM war chest.

Jason is now the co-founding CEO of Get Visible Inc. (formerly LA DEZIGN), a digital marketing agency with presence in Scottsdale and Beverly Hills. The firm has clients in multiple states and offers website design, WordPress development, search engine optimization, Adwords pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube), ecommerce operations and Google reputation management services. Jason just recently stepped down as Treasurer of the American Marketing Association in Los Angeles.

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