An Inside Look: Meet Ariel (Ari of AriSha™) in Our Continuing 3 Part Series: The Many Faces of AriSha™

In this 3rd segment, it is with great admiration and sincere pleasure that I further introduce you to the amazingly incredible, intelligent beyond her years, impressive Ariel Miller (She, They). Today, Ariel is Co-CEO of AriSha™ Diversified and manages the product branding and marketing as well as the financial activities of AriSha™.

Ariel is a graduate of the late casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s world renown Adelson Educational Campus and was always at the top of her high school academic class. Ariel was very active as a nationally ranked archer, cheerleader, founder of the philanthropy club and traveled nationally with the debate team. Her early accomplishments continue to this day.

As you listen in on our conversation, Ariel’s heart, personality and growing success will become very evident. It has been a true blessing to have met the humble and gifted Ariel. A soft spoken yet take charge, dynamic young entrepreneur who has been a true inspiration. I have watched her innovative and progressive ideas become successful realities and I truly believe those are only the beginning of many more to come. I don’t believe Ariel has self-acknowledged her accomplishments to date, but as you will “see,” recognition of Ariel Miller is undeniable. 

carol santella

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