An Interview with Dina Marais, International Bestselling Author and Founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching

Dina Marais, International Bestselling Author and Founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching

Introduce yourself! Share a little bit of what you do and who you help.

I’m Dina Marais and I am the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching. I’m also a three-time international bestselling author and very shortly, five-time international bestselling author. I work with successful female entrepreneurs who wish to unleash the potential of their brands, visibility, impact and income by becoming best-selling published authors.


Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point? 

Years ago, I read the book by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. It made such an impact on me that I made a wish to the universe to say, “I want to write stories like this that inspire people.” I forgot about it, then in 2021 I received a friend request from this amazing woman and I was invited to her masterclass to start my own publishing company. I nearly fell off the chair, I had a physical reaction in my body. I just thought, “Oh, this is me.” All my skills of IT, organisation, creativity, and writing come together. The opportunity had to come by me three times before I said yes. I jumped in and a few months later, I published my first multi-author book.


You help successful people to become best-selling authors, sharing their knowledge and their stories. What does that help them to be able to do?

It gives them visibility and opens doors. The status of having ‘international bestselling author’ behind their name is incredibly powerful. Podcast hosts, journalists, TV producers and their potential clients see this as someone who knows their stuff.

It also gives them a lot of clarity about who they serve and their message. Plus, iIt’s a huge transformation for them. By writing the story of their journey they remember how far they’ve come- it boosts their confidence in themselves and their business. 

One of the biggest reasons my clients want to become bestselling authors is because it leaves a legacy. We can write so much on social media, but if it’s not in a tangible form, it can be forgotten the next second. There are so many positives.


What advice would you give to somebody who’s thinking about writing a book, or maybe they’ve started and they’re not able to get past a certain point?

To think about the end result of what you want to create and what is the intention behind the book. People are waiting for your message, that is what’s important. We often procrastinate because it’s the unknown, we’re not quite sure how it’s going to work out.

I really suggest to work with a coach like myself to ask you the right questions so you can unlock that creativity that’s within you. It’s already there. It’s just for you to actually own it.

We sometimes get to a place in our story where we don’t want to go, afraid of what we might find there. Writing about that is the transformation, because it gives us a whole new perspective on what happened. Then you are able to own that because you realise that’s just your human journey. Your soul journey is something totally different. We must own our human story because if we don’t own it, it owns us.


What have you got coming up, Dina?

I’m launching my second multi-author book now on the 7th of July 2023 called, Success with Source – learn from women who practice vibrational alignment in their business. And, I am busy enrolling co-authors for My Mess Is My Message Volume 2 – inspiring stories of incredible women who found purpose and prosperity through adversity.


Where can the readers find you?

I’m on Facebook (, and on Instagram ( My website is

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