An Open Invitation To Check Out The Revamped DVC Shop Website For Making Disney World Trips An Absolute Hit!

An Open Invitation To Check Out The Revamped DVC Shop Website For Making Disney World Trips An Absolute Hit!
DVC Shop – created by the Disney Vacation Club owners – has just revamped their website to make your Disney world tour worth your time and money. For years we have been sharing the magic of this wonder world through our revolutionary vacation club. One of the major reasons to choose DVC Shop for purchasing your DVC contract is that we help you experience the magic while SAVING YOUR MONEY. 

You can save up to 45% off direct resort prices on your DVC contract with DVC Shop. Also, purchase as many or as fewer points as you need for your visit, as we do not have a point minimums mark for buying. Our Licensed Real Estate Associates help you buy and sell DVC along with DVC rental throughout the week. Our knowledgeable team members are always ready to answer your queries regarding DVC resales, DVC rentals, and much more.

Our Upgraded Website will help both the buyers and sellers in many ways:

  • Finding out which resort to buy and the number of points needed for it. We answer any of your questions regarding point charts, resorts, room sizes, and more to help make your Disney tour fun and happening. 
  • You can get in touch with one of our experts to help choose the right contract for the unique needs and travel habits of your family.
  • When purchasing Disney vacation club resale contracts, know that the resale points can’t be used for making Concierge Collection, Adventurer Collection reservations, or Disney Collection. Also, these contracts aren’t eligible for membership extras like discounts on shopping, dining, and other offers.
  • DVC Shop also helps the sellers in marketing their listing. We collaborate with other licensed resale companies to sell your contract as early as possible.

Our upgraded website brings you all the information you need, for making your dream Disney World Tour a reality, to your fingertips right in the comfort of your home. So log on to DVC Shop today and get answers to all your queries and even make bookings. If you aren’t satisfied with the details and information, you can even contact one of our representatives to answer your queries in depth. From DVC rentals to DVC buying and Selling to DVC reselling and DVC memberships, we have got you covered on all fronts. You can also check out our blog for the latest news and happenings. Stop waiting around and log on to DVC Shop today to kick off your Disney Vacation Bookings!

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