Business Coach & Consultant, Catherine M White Discusses Key Components To A Thriving Business

Catherine M White is the founder of Accelerated Results 365. Catherine brings her clients’ a unique set of tools for building effective business processes using her signature program, P.O.W.E.R.R.™, which is comprised of four key components needed to master while building a thriving business: Money, Marketing, Mindset, and Movement. 

Her philosophy is, “Small compounded efforts lead to large exponential results”. She believes the true key to achieving accelerated growth is through exercising the compound effect.  She finds that business owners tend to get frustrated if they’re not moving fast enough or taking as big of steps as they think they should be taking toward their goals and that smaller steps taken at a slower pace will get them further ahead at a much quicker pace. She says: “Trying to get results too fast leads to larger roadblocks and greater chances for failure”. “It may feel like you’re going at snail speed; it’s when you take a moment to stop and reflect on what you’ve accomplished that you will find you’ve accelerated more rapidly than you realized because the little steps you took, added together, compounded into big results”. 

Catherine provides her clients with a combination of coaching and consulting techniques to help them accelerate their business goals. Her coaching is focused around the client’s discovery of what they want to achieve and how to find the answers and path to get there, and her consulting is where she has the opportunity to offer guidance and tools to facilitate the process.  The first step she takes with her clients is doing a comprehensive analysis of their business.

Catherine goes on to say: “I take a look at how they are managing their money as well as how they are growing their money; I review their marketing material, both online and offline (including their website, social media, and print promotional pieces), to assess whether or not they’re getting the right message to their prospective clients; I pay attention to the language they use in their communication to determine how their mindset is – their belief in themselves, how they relate to their team, and how they connect with their customers; and I educate them on the importance and impact of implementing movement into their daily lives to reach their optimal level of success”. 

“After I complete the assessment, I then follow up with a written report in which I provide recommendations that will give them a structure for their business and act as a guide for choosing what steps to take, and where to put their focus as they move forward”. 


In our interview, I ask Catherine questions about her specialties and how she helps her clients.


Jeremy: What are the biggest advantages your clients get, by having you as their coach and consultant and what difference can it make in their life and their business?

Catherine: Business is complex; there are a lot of pieces that go into running a business. Many of my clients come to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and unclear on how to begin, where to put their focus or what to spend their money on to get the best results. I help them see the full picture and how all the pieces tie together so they can decide on the best route to take. This is huge! Most entrepreneurs don’t have a plan – and if you fail to plan you choose to fail. Because I help my clients create a plan, their ability to succeed increases. 

No matter what industry you’re in, you likely have a lot of competition – others who do what you do who are trying to reach the same target audience you are. I spend a lot of time with my clients in assisting them with finding their uniqueness and building a strategy that differentiates them in the marketplace so they stand out from the crowd and are seen above their competition. 

These are the two biggest benefits of working with me. Once we tackle these two critical areas, it makes the rest of the process easier and other results follow such as increased revenues, improved relationships (both professionally and personally), and collaborative teams.

Jeremy: What are the obstacles that can appear from prospective clients before bringing you on as their coach?

Catherine: Cost is often a concern for many people – especially if they’re fairly new in business or struggling financially. Most recognize that to move forward and grow, they need to spend the money to get the appropriate help, but letting go of money is a big fear for most. 

Uncertainty is a big obstacle – especially when the cost is a concern. While there are overall case studies around the benefits of coaching and I can share examples of how my clients have benefited, there is no guarantee of what results someone will get out of working with me or any other coach or consultant. Every business is different; every individual is different. How one person responds and takes action varies from another, and what they gain differs.  

Another obstacle that’s common among entrepreneurs is the idea that they can do everything themselves, do a trade with another professional, turn to a friend for advice, or find free information online to save money, and thus, bypass the need for hiring a skilled coach. 

Jeremy Baker

Jeremy Baker has a passion for helping his clients get recognition as experts in their fields. His approach to interviewing helps his clients tell their stories and talk about their unique set of experiences and backgrounds.