Andover Cabinetmaker, Landmark Finish, Hits Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with Book “Expert Profiles”

Andover Cabinetmaker, Landmark Finish, Hits Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with Book "Expert Profiles"
ANDOVER, Mass. –  Andover’s Stewart and Deanna Junge, featured contributors to the latest volume of Expert Profiles: Conversations with Influencers & Innovators, hit two best seller lists on March 7. The compilation climbed to number one in the service industry and business ethics categories. The book, which features one-on-one conversations with top industry leaders, was also a number one new release in both categories.

Stewart and Deanna Junge are the owner and business development director of Andover custom millwork and cabinet manufacturing shop Landmark Finish. The husband and wife team were selected because of their dedication to building trusted relationships, and delivering quality solutions and service, to their clients and community.

In the chapter, “Leading with Quality, Innovation & Client Intimacy in Custom Millwork & Cabinetry Manufacturing,” the Junges reveal common misconceptions around custom cabinetry, how Landmark Finish has innovated its cabinet-making process, and why “re-skilling” the trades workforce in the age of automation could lead to a manufacturing comeback in the United States.

Peppered with insights about the ever-evolving manufacturing and construction industry, the chapter touches on the Junges’ tenacity in the face of the 2008 housing market crash, their willingness to evolve and become New England’s premier custom cabinetry and millwork shop in the residential and commercial markets, and their passion to inspire and mentor a new generation of skilled trades professionals.

“Many vocational schools teach carpentry but not specifically cabinetmaking,” Deanna Junge said. “Stewart and his colleagues in the industry are making the general public more aware of this gap in the workplace. We also started investing in automating our shop about six years ago and now we’re working with local schools and co-op students to help train the next generation workforce.”  

Expert Profiles: Conversations with Influencers & Innovators, is now available on in paperback and Kindle at

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Founded in 2001, Landmark Finish is a family- and veteran-owned custom millwork and cabinetry company headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. We make all our wood and laminate cabinetry, custom closets and countertops for corporate, education, healthcare, municipal, retail and residences in our Andover shop. We are committed to developing trusted and lasting relationships with our clients, determined to provide the highest quality possible and driven to be reputable members and role models for the community and our children. To learn more about how custom cabinetry can transform your home, office, school or retail space, visit

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