Berry Chiropractic Center Announces The Arrival Of Anna Zambreny As The New Fitness Director.

Berry Chiropractic Center Announces The Arrival Of Anna Zambreny As The New Fitness Director.
“I am truly excited to welcome Anna to our team at such an important time in our growth. We look forward to Anna’s extensive experience as a personal trainer, and the role she will be playing in rounding out our added services delivery to patients and clients,” said Dr. Berry.

Dr. Berry added, “We continuously consider ways to further enable the center to deliver exceptional value and care to patients. Thus, we are looking forward to expanding our staff with talented new members.”

About Anna Zambreny
Anna has been working as a personal trainer for clients with a variety of needs for the past four years. These include chronic pain sufferers, obesity, joint replacements, cancer rehabilitation, Crohn’s management, weight loss, athletes, and more. Anna obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Frostburg State University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration. Anna prides herself in helping clients to become pain-free, move better, feel stronger, and ultimately live healthier lives.

As the onsite Fitness Director, Anna’s role is diverse. This includes working closely with the doctor in executing the patient’s rehab plan as prescribed by Dr. Berry. For instance, Anna’s consultation with patients involves completing a movement assessment, geared to quantifying the patient’s pattern which ultimately is programmed, benched marked and then remeasured after the patient experiences success. The patient’s long and short term goals are reviewed, so as to outline a personalized plan helping them get the results that are most important to their health.

About Berry Chiropractic Center
Berry Chiropractic Center located in Frederick Maryland is owned and operated by Donald Berry, D.C. SFMA, SFG. Dr. Berry a 30-year Chiropractic practitioner is a Movement Restoration Specialist and Strength Coach differentiates his practice from the traditional approach to Chiropractic care in many ways.

This includes incorporating a “rehab to fitness” program that allows patients to gradually begin a coached strength program in combination with their rehab. This program is called the Anti-Fragile System. It is designed to help patients recover faster, build greater resiliency to any future risks, and empower their overall quality of movement and life activities. “We want to keep you out of the Dr’s office and get you back in the game of life. It’s what makes you anti-fragile,” explained Dr. Berry.

Berry Chiropractic Center’s rehab practices are grounded in the underlying benefits of why getting stronger is important to living one’s best life.
1. Getting stronger makes one more resilient, less likely to get injured and recover better when an injury occurs.
2. As people age, muscle loss occurs, a condition called Sarcopenia. The fight back is with tension training.
 3. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are conditions of bone loss associated with age that can be improved by strength training.
4. “Do it for your brain.” John Ratey, M.D. a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard states. “The effect that exercise  has on the body is a mere side effect compared to what it does for the brain.”

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