Author Mary Bosiu in Appreciation of Her Success Offers Free Copy of Her Bestselling Book Through Website

Author Mary Bosiu in Appreciation of Her Success Offers Free Copy of Her Bestselling Book Through Website
The Mission of Adv. Mary Bosiu, author of Success Fundamentals Vol. II (amongst others), is to help her clients to be the best that they are meant to be.  She is currently offering a free copy of the above mentioned book through her website. Her book offers amazing “nuggets of wisdom to pump the greatness in you.”  It is easy to read, it flows nicely and is even hilarious to some extent.  Mary has brilliantly spiced up her book with stories to underscore critical principles that she has delved into.  She has divided her work into three parts, each with summaries of key principles that she has covered.

Part I is focused on the power of self-talk. Mary believes that what you think and say about yourself is a crucial template for your success or failure. She advises readers to become their own “best friends” as opposed to “worst enemies”.  She says developing a positive mindset is as doable as dealing with a “naughty child”. As proof thereof, she has shared her personal story through a Prologue in her book. She confessed that she used to be “nothing but a bundle of confusion and nerves” as she struggled with “a mammoth dose” of personal insecurity. That situation has become history!  

Part II is focused on how to deal with worry and fear. She differentiates between protective fear/worry and destructive fear/chronic worry. She points out, amongst other critical factors, that worrying about what has happened in the past is akin to appointing oneself as landlord to a ghost and that will block your mind from recognizing awesome opportunities in the present. She winds up this part by dishing out tools on how to deal with a destructive fear/chronic worry. She advises her readers to “…get up, get out and move on {as} Life is waiting…”

In Part II, Mary puts a laser focus on specific common issues that, if not dealt with appropriately, can generate destructive fear/chronic worry, namely: 

  • Fear of rejection (“what people will say?”) Mary advises readers not to allow the possibility of their bright future to be sacrificed on the altar of critics, negative or otherwise.
  • Worrisome presentation: Your huge breakthrough could be “a fabulous presentation away” and Adv. Bosiu advises you to appropriately psyche yourself up for that at all times.
  • Worrisome work situations: Mary believes that what you do when faced with a worrisome (negative) working environment will determine whether or not you will succeed. She advises that “True and lasting success will never be measured by what your boss thinks or does not think…It will be measured by what you did or did not do beyond your call of duty

Adv. Mary Bosiu’s book offers tips for readers take the right steps to maximize their success and greatness. For a limited time, visitors to Mary’s website can obtain a free copy of Success Fundamentals Vol. II.  For more information, click

About Adv. Mary Bosiu:  

She has a Profession (law/legal) and a Mission.  Her Mission is to help people to be the best that they are meant to be. She is a well-renowned Public Speaker, Trainer and Author of three inspirational books. She has also published several articles for various international media houses. Her burning passion for a holistic development of fellow human beings has enabled her to design and facilitate several seminar programs focused on Service Excellence, Leadership Skills, Stress Management, Financial Wisdom, Team Building and more. Her extensive work on personal development issues has earned her awards for four consecutive years – 2010, 2011. 2012 and 2013. Her latest award, Life Achiever Award, came in 2017. 


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