Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Lloyd Rosen Helps People Overcome Depression

Tracy: Hello Lloyd, thank you taking the time to share some of your wisdom with us today. To start off, could you tell us a little bit about your foundation and what you do?

Lloyd: Certainly! I founded The Rosen Foundation to help people who are suffering from depression. I’m also putting the finishing touches on a book about the same subject and I’ve hosted a radio show.

Tracy: How did you come to be passionate about helping people with depression?

Lloyd: It was something I struggled with personally for 36 years. After working with a therapist, I was able to get healthy. It was then that I realized how much quality of life I had lost to depression. I want to help as many people as I can find their way through that darkness.

Tracy: Was there a specific moment when you knew you were destined to do this?

Lloyd: I first caught the bug of wanting to start a non-Profit after I got healthy and realized how it felt to live a normal life without self-esteem issues, as well as constantly thinking I was not good enough to have what I wanted or desired. At that time I made the decision that I wanted to help people realize that there was help out there and they did not have to suffer as long as I did because I did not have the help that I was willing to give them my story that began in 2006 when I first started with my therapist. He first helped me to understand how to understand what I was dealing with and how to live with it. After a year of session with him I had a real grasp on what I had lived with for 36 years and knew immediately that I did not want to see other youth especially, have to learn the lessons the hard way the way I did. So the first thing I did was start writing and putting the information out in a book so people could read about my journey. After writing the book I decided that everyone youth, young adults as well as adults needed a place to be educated and supported in a safe environment. A place where they could talk openly and honestly about what they wanted to learn as well as issues they needed support in.

T. Allen Hanes

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Radio Host. T. Allen Hanes is long a time entrepreneur and business contributor for Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, Thrive Global and Medium. He is also the founder of The Authority Syndicate Group. Co-Founder of The Crypto business Forum New York. An Educator and Advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has also traveled the world speaking and educating audiences.