Become a High Performer with a Sales Workshop: How to Always Attract the Best Clients

Become a High Performer with a Sales Workshop: How to Always Attract the Best Clients
Part of attracting clients is not coming off with too much pressure when you are speaking to your clients. You need to always show them the value of the service or product you are offering and the reason why they need it. Coming to this event will teach you the following.

  1. How to drive your sales 10x higher in one year.
  2. How to take your conversion sales rate to 90% without sounding like you are making a hard sell.
  3. How to create a constantly producing sales pipeline for your company using LinkedIn.
  4. How to get establish your brand with authority status with major publications.
  5. How to make meaningful connections on LinkedIn and continue building your pipeline monthly.
  6. How to convert clients into brand ambassadors and ensure that people will sing continual praises of your brand.

The session is taught by Dr. Erin Oksol who is a speaker, coach, and psychologist. She has very high energy events all over the world and has worked to become one of Nevada’s most recognized women. She has landed herself on the list of Nevada’s Top 20 Most Powerful Women. Oksol is an expert helping people break through their fear and limitations.

Jon James will be teaching the second portion of the event. Jon is the Managing Partner of Ignited Results. This is a firm that helps companies generate leads and increase sales using LinkedIn. Jon has created a proven formula for consistently taking online connections offline so that you can close sales with members of your social following. 

The event is cutting edge with a blend of tech as well as leadership that will help you to take your company to the next level of success. Attendance is mandatory for those who want to learn the way to bring new customers as well as attract new leads. One of the hardest elements of any business is finding the right blend of persuasion, sales, and lead generation. This workshop is the perfect solution to learn the tactical strategy and develop a game plan for increasing your company revenues. 

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Location Info:
The Discovery – Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum
490 S Center St, Reno, NV 89501
(775) 786-1000


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