Interview with Trauma Therapy Expert & Kid Whisper Shawn LaRé Brinkley

Shawn LaRé Brinkley is a certified trauma recovery specialist, with a Master’s of Science in Counseling, Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, which she earned from the University of Phoenix. Brinkley gained the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Leadership Award, University of Phoenix, in 2018.

Her company, Living Loved Pathways to Holistic Healing, has been a treatment solution for families as well as those affected by traumatic events since 2012. Shawn LaRé uses an integrative method of therapy that combines traditional treatment techniques, like talk and cognitive behavioral therapies, with nontraditional modalities, such as music, movement, and art therapy.

Lisa C. Williams: “Shawn LaRé, what is your area of specialty?”

Shawn LaRé Brinkley:  I’m a trauma recovery specialist, and I have an interest in helping people overcome trauma that they have experienced.  I have extensive experience working with girls who have a history of human sex trafficking. I started that work when I was working in a group home where I was the therapist and administrator; it was a six-bed group home for girls, and I was introduced to human sex trafficking, without any particular training in that area. It really helped that I had a background in trauma when I was introduced to those girls. Working with them has become a passion of mine. It’s my heart work.

Lisa C. Williams

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