Benefits to spell from a 360 degree feedback

The benefits of a 360 degree feedback can have an impact on leadership groups, teams and even an organization itself. The moment an organization decides to implement a 360 degree feedback program many leaders are reluctant to participate. Quality leaders have a bias towards action, but for the betterment of an organization 360 Feedback is important.

The reasons why 360 degree feedback is necessary?

A reliable, confidential and safe platform is provided for colleagues to provide feedback as company gains vital inputs into leadership patterns, teams and how an organization is currently performing. The leaders are provided vital cues on what is working and which are the areas that need to be addressed in an organization. With the feedback data from 360 degree feedback organizations can take preventive action to improve and become superior contributors or leaders in a company.

Till date when an organization decides to go ahead with a 360 degree feedback program, negative response pours in”. What is there to learn? I have been part of all this?

You cannot consider all these responses to be bad, but they are not good. The future is feedback as gone are those times where instincts and gut feelings were relied upon. Employee perceptions do not provide a concise picture, but they prove to be a valuable source of feedback for a leader to receive.

Availing an honest feedback seems to be a difficult task. Once leaders climb up the leadership charts, candid performance about their leadership style goes down. They are more worried about being in the good books of their peers and a less frank feedback is provided when they come face to face.

With a 360 degree feedback survey a comprehensive and concise feedback is obtained in a confidential and constructive manner. In this form of feedback the leader along with group of ratters ask pertinent questions about the feedback of a leader. The choice of a ratter is from a group of people whom the leader works on a day to day basis and includes senior subordinates or peers.

The benefits of 360 degree feedback

The benefits of 360 degree feedback are as follows

Self –awareness

Self – awareness means a detailed self- evaluation about you. It means outlining your strengths, weakness, thoughts, motivation and even emotions. From a leadership point of view self-awareness is important. Leadership is all about balancing priorities. Even leaders with good intentions end up doing mistakes as recurring improvements are made in the wrong direction.

Each one of us feels a good handle on how others perceive them. Research points to the fact that you end up scoring less than your supervisor whereas the direct reports score about them. It would be really nice if people think better of you.

Clarifies behaviors

The moment someone asked you what are the good behavioral qualities in a leader then on top of your head 62 qualities might emerge. The method of teaching them what is important for an organizational point of view is the key. Additional it showcases whether you are focusing too much on a positive behavior at the cost of neglecting a weak behavior.

Understand on how things are going to be done in comparison to what is being done

What would be better in doing something the right way and stumbling upon failure or adopting a stance that I want it to be done at any costs. Here outcome vs. process becomes important. Obviously process seems to be important as you are focusing without fear of the outcome.

Fosters dialogue

The first step of moving from measurement to improvement is dialogue. A natural process dialogue, self-improvement develops a protocol for dialogue. The process begins with a friendly discussion between a system administrator and the leader surveyed on what are their strengths along with weakness. The process of dialogue should continue with a set of improvement processes to be set down. If the situation arises the dialogue might include their immediate peers and supervisors.

Develops working relationships

A vital quality of any leadership program is mutual beneficial exchange. The performance feedback is often one sided or it could be something totally missing. Once you have introduced this into a point of relationship it is a reciprocal support.

Leads to personal development

It is unlikely that leaders have climbed their career path in an organization by their behavior in a random manner. They have a natural quality of ambition and passion which made them reach the desired level. A sense of self-awareness develops about their strength weakness, emotions and leadership behavior. Digestible and easy areas for examination have to be provided so that leaders would grasp things on their own and continue in the process of development.

The concept of personal development is all about on how effective contributors become efficient managers. An organization providing more personality development opportunities is likely to retain more employees in comparison to employees who look for personal development chances outside an organization. With a 360 degree feedback a natural assessment of personal development of an individual is provided.

Mehboob Ali Meghani

Mehboob Ali is an Entrepreneur and a Social Activist. He is also a contributor at Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters and Marketing Insiders.