Bershan Shaw Debuts Groundbreaking Mental Wellness App “URAWARRIOR” for World Mental Health Day

Bershan Shaw Debuts Groundbreaking Mental Wellness App “URAWARRIOR” for World Mental Health Day

With World Mental Health Day on October 10, Warrior Training International’s Bershan Shaw (Real Housewives of New York) created the revolutionary new app URAWARRIOR which will debut in Beta. Therapists Dr. Kevin Washington and Dr. Rod Wellington are co-directors of Clinical & Behavioral Health for URAWARRIOR .The app provides a safe outlet to share, support, and inspire one another. With special groups addressing depression, grief, stress, LGBTQ+, substance abuse, and more, there are professional virtual coaches to expertly guide people to get ‘motivation’ to become their best selves. The community is a modern approach for connecting and communicating with one another.

“This app emanated from my personal cancer journey,” explains Shaw, a top motivational speaker, business coach and women’s health and mental health advocate. “When I was told that I had three months to live I told myself that I better get busy living and not dying. I wish that I had a place like URAWARRIOR to help me through that painful experience. I envision this app to be a lifestyle and a community.” Shaw stated, “My goal is for this to be a catalyst for a movement across the world!” 

With mental health issues on the rise following the pandemic, our world is dealing with a critical crisis. The URAWARRIOR app is being endorsed by the University Hospital Foundation of New Jersey and Rutgers Medical, whose staff will be receiving a complimentary version of the app. In addition, all high school and college students will be able to use the app for free for a limited time. 

According to Shaw, “I know that this mental health community will help people realize that they’re not alone.  Our 365 days of challenges will inspire everyone to have better lives. It takes 21 days to break or make a habit and 90 days to make a habit a lifestyle. URAWARRIOR sets the foundation of self-improvement, personal development, motivation, and support.”

URAWARRIOR is available in the Apple Store or via Google Play.


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