Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share completed its 6th Annual Day of Sharing, assisting local nonprofits

MELBOURNE, Fl.  On October 7— Christian Care Ministry, with headquarters in Melbourne, which administers the nationally recognized Medi-Share health care sharing program, gave back to its local community through its Day of Sharing event.  

Christian Care Ministry’s employees in Melbourne and Colorado were able to help local nonprofits with yard clean up, painting, loading cargo, writing letters of encouragement, office organization, and even setting up for Fall festivals. One example is Walk on Water Ministries, which holds a Fall Festival to serve as a fundraiser for the Tyler Chance Scholarship Fund for Autism, providing equine-assisted therapy to those with autism who cannot financially afford it.  

“CCM has been the most incredible help to Walk on Water Ministries.  Many special needs children and adults attend our equine-assisted therapy program with their parents.  Some come with heavy loads of financial burdens, health issues, or trauma.  Almost all have commented that when they walk onto the ranch, they feel a sense of peace and of course, we know that’s God.  CCM has helped to make our physical environment beautiful for all who come, but more so, they have imparted the spirit of the living God onto our ranch, leaving a peace that surpasses all understanding.  The friendships made, the prayers prayed, and the stories shared have been the most beneficial to us. Through organizing, weeding, building, and cleaning, CCM has significantly contributed to making our special families feel welcomed onto God’s ranch.  – Patricia Bryan, Executive Director Walk on Water Ministries 


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