Bill Andrews, Financial Professional, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Objectives for Bond Allocations

Bill Andrews discusses the importance of bond allocations in investment portfolios. 

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The use of fixed index annuities is a valuable component of long-term retirement fund strategies. While they don’t allocate all of their client’s money into fixed index annuities, they do consider them as part of the overall strategy.

One reason why fixed index annuities are considered a good starting point is their ability to offer some degree of liquidity, which is crucial in retirement. Bill Andrews highlights that these programs allow individuals to have up to 100% liquidity in situations such as death, terminal illness, or nursing home confinements. This means that individuals can access their funds if needed for these specific circumstances.

Furthermore, fixed index annuities provide income guarantees that align with retirement goals and provide a financial safety net. This ensures individuals have a certain level of guaranteed income throughout their retirement, reducing the risk of outliving their money. Bill Andrews emphasizes the importance of income guarantees and states that consistent income is a key requirement for liquidity in retirement.


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