Chaos Expert to Address Virginia Military Institute on Behavioral Adaptability in Leadership

Scottsdale, Arizona – Kevin Black, veteran US Army officer and accomplished entrepreneur with a national reputation for exceptional learning and development services in leadership and strategy, has been selected as a speaker at the Virginia Military Institute’s Center for Leadership and Ethics conference titled “Leading in Crises: Culture, Conflict, Collaboration.”

Drawing upon his extensive experience in both the military and the business world, Mr. Black brings a unique perspective to the forefront. With a diverse clientele ranging from dynamic start-ups to industry giants like LifeLock, Medtronic, and McKesson, he has played a pivotal role in helping generate over $600 million in value across various industries.

The focus of Mr. Black’s presentation, titled “Behavioral Adaptability,” drawn from his upcoming and highly anticipated book, “Strength in Chaos: A Leader’s Guide to Mastering the Uncontrollable,” will unravel the critical importance of behavioral adaptability, an often overlooked yet pivotal facet in crisis management. By dissecting the nuanced responses of individuals facing moments of perceived loss of control, Mr. Black provides invaluable insights into why some individuals excel while others exacerbate challenging situations.


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