Business Coach Amy McNally helps female entrepreneurs scale to 6 figures through her ‘SEE’ Method & feminine leadership

Money Mindset and Business Coach Amy McNally is currently accepting clients who are looking to increase their income, work less and enjoy life. 

Amy provides support and tools to female entrepreneurs who are ready to make money in their businesses without hustling and burning themselves out.

“I help women increase their income by utilizing my unique ‘SEE’ method. This includes assessing: their current business structure and strategy, their energy and the way they feel in the key areas of their life, and finally, I guide them through emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, in order to regulate their nervous system and create safety in the body, especially when it comes to increasing their income and creating success,” explains coach Amy McNally.

Amy believes that a successful business requires a blend of strategy, energetics, and emotional clearing. She believes that it helps to create a solid and successful long-term foundation.

With a background as a marriage and family therapist and personal experience of creating a successful coaching business, Amy offers unique tools to her clients, helping them overcome energetic blocks and burnout to achieve more happiness and success.


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