Business Technology Expert Trina L. Martin Reveals How Businesses Can Leverage Technology to Elevate Communications On Influencers Radio

Business Technology Expert Trina L. Martin Reveals How Businesses Can Leverage Technology to Elevate Communications On Influencers Radio
Under the stress of a pandemic, operations for traditionally offline, brick-and-mortar businesses have been turned upside down in 2020, finding themselves completely unprepared to face challenges they couldn’t conceive nine months ago.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Business Technology Expert Trina L. Martin discussed how small- to medium-sized businesses can leverage technology without breaking the bank.

Until this year, keeping up with the latest technology hasn’t been a priority for many businesses in the manufacturing, consulting, and professional service industries, especially leveraging online communications platforms like Zoom, Podcasting, and YouTube.

When asked why companies are neglecting these opportunities Martin said, “I see that small and medium-sized businesses are really struggling with technology today…  they’re afraid they don’t have the budget for high-tech solutions”.

According to Martin, businesses don’t have to go overboard with their technology budget, but they must do something because it’s no longer a question of a return on investment but a question of whether these companies will be able to stay in business. Martin says,  “You can’t afford not to…if you don’t level up your technology, you risk losing business opportunities, and losing the clients you already have because you can’t communicate with them.”

During the interview, Martin shared the method she uses to assess the technology needs of a business so that she can design a customized solution that will allow them to adapt, sustain, and even thrive during this time of uncertainty—without breaking the bank.

As a former Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy and Cyber Intelligence Analyst for the FBI, Martin understands the security risks business owners face when they take on new communication technology. She ensures they choose the right solution to protect sensitive client information.

Martin explained that she also protects her clients from being oversold for services to implement her solution by recommending vendors and overseeing the entire project. “I will give you all the information and who can help you…  so that you won’t be going to a company selling you the Cadillac of solutions when what you really need is the Toyota… I will prescribe them exactly what they need, tell them where they can go to get it, and then I’m going to oversee it to make sure that is exactly what they got,” says Martin.

Once the solution is implemented, Martin provides follow-up training..

As a testament to her true passion and commitment, Martin concluded the interview by generously offering a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call for business owners who need help navigating their technology needs in a drastically changing environment.  

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