Cristina Alemeida – Principal of Convex B Works Discusses Investments For Entrepreneurs and Startups In Today’s Uncertain Post-Pandemic World

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In today’s post-pandemic world, many Entrepreneurs and Startups face financial uncertainty.

What is a good investment?

How can I raise capital for my startup?

Cristina Almeida, Principal of Convex B Works offers sage guidance. 

Cristina sat down with me and addressed these specific worries on today’s spotlight. 



About Cristina Almeida, Principal of Convex B Works

Cristina Almeida decided in her late teens that longevity could be achieved by pursuing multiple careers. When she graduated with two postgraduate degrees in Engineering from Stanford University, she already had been a professional musician, as well as a teaching assistant and researcher in engineering for several years.

After a career as a consultant in mathematical modeling and high-tech strategic planning for governments worldwide, Cristina became an successful investment banker in New York and later in São Paulo, Brazil. She worked in different aspects of finance for close to 25 years, including mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions, and fund management in many emerging market countries.

Cristina founded Convex B Works from the belief that technology is one of the pillars of wholesale positive transformation of human lives, with the goal of leveraging its potential to create a positive impact in solving larger problems in the emerging world.

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