CalEPA Awards the Fresno Metro Black Chamber an Environmental Justice Grant

Tara is a firm believer in innovation and has begun working with the Fresno Metro Black Chamber to inspire and effect real change in her short time there.

Tara is directly responsible for the creation of over 37 new jobs at the Fresno Metro Black Chamber. With this kind of growth, is it any wonder that the chapter has continued to see unparalleled success at bringing in new members. Part of the success of the Chamber has been the unusual approach that Gray has taken to reach out to new members, Gray commented, “In order to be successful members of the community it is important for us to reach out and to have success at bringing unparalleled prosperity to those around us.” Gray has reached out to local businesses and engaged with media in a message of inclusion and community. Gray added, “We are stronger together with a community of aligned and focused business leaders all working towards growth in the same direction.”

A Prestigious Reward

The CalEPA has recognized the service and the excellence of many of its communities all over the state of California and this is because they have seen the way that the Fresno Metro Black Chamber has worked to make an investment in reaching out to the entire community. The program has been in place since 2002 and has given out 2.8 million to communities all over the state.


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