Expertise in the Moment of Need from a Commercial and Residential Clerk

When a buyer is trying to interpret this on his or her own, he or she may not understand what needs to be done. Hiring a real estate lawyer is very expensive and there is a chance that a lawyer may also misdirect a client by accident. At the end of the day matters of import like this are best left in the hands of a true professional. A client needs someone with know-how, experience, and with a background in commercial or residential real estate.

Why Work With a Professional

Regina Lockwood is a sales professional, real estate agent and real estate clerk based in Reno, Nevada. Regina has worked with clients in both residential as well as in commercial sales and has a know-how for being able to offer turnkey solutions to clients. “One of the most complex issues is that buyers do not have the support that they need when they are filling out all of their paperwork. Often, they do not understand the terms of the purchase or what is required to move forward with the process. Many buyers make mistakes that otherwise could be avoided if they had someone in their corner,” commented Regina Lockwood.

When working with a professional, buyers have access to a source of first-hand support and knowledge as they are filling out and filing all the correct paperwork. As one of the most influential western cities, many people from all over the country are moving to Reno. Many people are opening businesses because of the favorable tax laws or are relocating with a family to take advantage of the thriving economy. Reno is the place to be for those that are looking to start a business, a family, or to expand. With all these advantages, it is important to work with a professional who will offer a turnkey solution for clients seeking the Reno dream.

What Does Turn Key Mean?

Turnkey means having a real estate expert who has over 20 years’ experience in sales as well as in real estate. Regina has personally closed over 30 million dollars in real estate both commercial and residential. Regina offers support on the phone, via email, and in person with her clients to ensure that they are comfortable at each step in the process and assists with the filing of all documents. This is the kind of expert that you want to have in your corner. The daunting swamp of real estate documents could be the mistake that sets a client back thousands of dollars, or even worse puts them in an unfavorable contract. Taking the time to work with a professional is the difference between a great experience and a nightmare of regrets.

Location Info:
Regina Lockwood at Ferrari-Lund Real Estate
3700 Lakeside Dr., Reno, Nevada 89509


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