Can Fifteen Minutes a Day Make an Impact in Your Life? John Kobel, Creator of “4 Weeks to Freedom” Believes it Can.

M.J. Plebon, Montreal online marketing and lead development specialist speaks with John Kobel founder of “4 Weeks to Freedom” a program developed by John to show people how they can use their minds to influence their present lives.

M.J.:     I am with John Kobel who has been running a program called “4 Weeks to Freedom” for several years. John, can you explain what is “4 Weeks to Freedom”?

John:     We as beings cohabiting ‎our planet have a direct implication on what happens. Although lost in our traditions – it still exists in what we consider more primitive societies ( North American Natives, Australian aboriginals and Indians from India speak of a web or shawl which encompasses the universe and all beings – connecting us.)  Our tradition has forgotten this, thus struggles with itself. We see the world and it’s inhabitants and see what is – many people with many different beliefs, seeing our differences and not our similarities. We don’t see that our beliefs are similar and our religions reflect regional custom and learned beliefs. We tend to believe that we are right . We don’t see the underlying spirituality which connects us. We see ourselves as victims of our reality and not the creators. Our program “Unleash the power of your mind”, with the help of very precise exercises brings you the profound understanding that you have a direct implication in what happens world wide that you are not just a powerless observer but a very powerful co-creator in your life and your world.

M.J.:     Who would benefit from this type of program and what would they expect to accomplish?

M.J. Plebon

M.J. Plebon has co-authored several technical papers for the upstream oil and gas industry and also contributes to several online media publications. He is a teacher and content specialist at Champlain College in Montreal, specializing in online marketing and business development. He is a trainer and speaker in the areas of marketing, business development and public speaking.