Carlos Siqueira & Tony Robbins Will Be Taking Miami Florida By Storm In November At These Must-Attend Events, The “OMEGA MIND One Day Business Acceleration Intensive” & “Unleash The Power Within”

Carlos Siqueira & Tony Robbins Will Be Taking Miami Florida By Storm In November At These Must-Attend Events, The “OMEGA MIND One Day Business Acceleration Intensive” & "Unleash The Power Within"
Tony Robbins himself, said on record, “If there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, it is Carlos Siqueira.” Carlos is extremely grateful to Tony’s teachings, which allowed Carlos to save the love of his of life.

Carlos Siqueira & Glenn Dietzel: “OMEGA MIND, One Day Business Acceleration Intensive” will be held in the city of Miami at a secret mansion on November 9th from 8 AM to 7 PM

Siqueira is known as a “Disruptor” when it comes to making your brand go viral and helping you grow your business. He strives to be the best mentor and marketer for Fortune 500 companies’ giants such as Comcast, selling over 3 Billion dollars in services. In addition, he is an ambassador on a mission to end poverty around the world, author of the best-selling book, “Work Like an Immigrant,” and an extremely entertaining keynote speaker that will move your employees and clients to get the work done to accomplish the mission at hand.

Dietzel is known as the “Professor” of the highest-paid coaches & speakers worldwide with an impeccable tracking record with over 3000 plus case studies helping from startups to experts worldwide in the last 20 years. His high-velocity growth strategies are used by business leaders globally, allowing them to command maximum fees and royalties. Many of Dietzel’s clients have used his proprietary processes to create and sell coaching, consulting, and training programs ranging from $10,000.00 to $100,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 and higher. The power of Dietzel’s systems allows his clients to create scalable advice-based businesses.

Carlos & Glenn, love to provide experiential learning during their intensives from surprise guest musicians such as Scott Page from Pink Floyd to magicians, and fun activities that help the attendees live the intensive with tangible strategies to grow their businesses.

In Miami, they will have several special guests, such as their facilitator known as King RaJ. He is a TEDx Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and the lead singer of The Supertones Band. He serves on the executive board of Toastmasters Int’l, non-profits, spiritual groups, and was chosen to be the honorary Grand Marshal of his city. He spoke at the world-renowned Forbes Digital Footprint and is the youngest recipient of the Social Business Icon Award.

Tom Chesser, Rise Up Media & Marketing Guru, is a contributing writer for Business Innovators Magazine, Small Business Trendsetters Magazine, Authority PressWire. Plus, a radio host for Business Innovators Radio and Rise Up Radio. As an Authority Branding & Positioning Agency Owner his focus is to get his celebrity clients newsworthy stories, products and events “Seen On Google” and “Seen By Google” as an Authority Brand by using over 375 Major Media Networks, giving them that “Third Party Recognition” that they are craving for online and offline.

Here is what some of the past attendees are saying about their results.

  • “Boooom. Just closed another $50k client!” – Andrew M, Las Vegas
  • “Updates: in the last 6 weeks, have closed $177k in business with 50k more closing Friday. That’s 227k in 6 weeks!! And the crazy part is the momentum has only started. Got booked to be the keynote on sales at an invite-only CEO conference in October, and we have 4 intensives scheduled before the end of the year.” – James J, New Jersey
  • “So grateful to you guys, my brother. Just close another one $14797.” – Derek A, New York
  • “This is the missing piece I been looking for years in my business.” – Brent P, Los Angeles
  • “Glenn & Carlos helps us build systems, so not only we but our clients to be successful.” -Michelle W
  • “If you want to dominate your marketplace and make the competition irrelevant, Carlos & Glenn’s one day will blow you away.” -James N, San Diego
  • “Thanks, guys! You have helped me make my clients famous.” – Imal W, CA
  • “60% conversion rates into 10k-15k programs.” – Eric F, CA
  • “I received over 100k gross first month starting from scratch.” – Sam C, OH
  • “I got an 84% conversion rate into premium programs.” – Shawn M, MI
  • “I am now considered an expert thanks to them, allowing me to sell 25k coaching programs.” – Drew M, FL

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