Cathy Miron, Data Backup and Cybersecurity Expert and CEO of eSilo, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

eSilo is an online data backup and cybersecurity solution provider. Founded in 2002, they specialize in helping small businesses with limited IT staff protect their critical systems and information and recover from ransomware and other disasters. They provide hands-on customer support and peace of mind for backup & recovery.

Listen to the interview on the Business Innovators Radio Network

Questions covered in this interview include: 

  • What common mistakes are putting businesses at a significantly greater risk of a cyberattack?
  • Why are so many small businesses being targeted by ransomware gangs and what can you do about it?
  • How can companies prepare today for a possible cyberattack tomorrow?

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing with new threats emerging each week. Studies report that 60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyberattack go out of business within six months. For small businesses and public agencies without sufficient IT or cybersecurity staff, it’s difficult to keep up with evolving threats. Many feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of potential vulnerabilities they need to address, and understanding the technologies available on the market to address them.


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