Childhood Memories Create Blueprint To Career Fulfillment In The Inner Compass Process

Originally a school social worker in Colorado, Danielle headed up a college and careers program at the high school where she worked. While teaching classes and advising students, she realized they were looking at careers as a means for making money. She wondered, “Why aren’t they looking at careers as an opportunity to find fulfillment?”

Out of curiosity, she launched her own journey to understand what career fulfillment really meant. By revisiting her own painful and positive childhood memories, she discovered her purpose in life. Creating her own process, she helps her clients discover their True North by getting them to tell their childhood stories to understand what drives them. She now shares this process with the world in her book, “The Inner Compass Process: Using Childhood Memories to Guide Your Career Change.”

Key elements of the process include: Finding True North through childhood memories, exploring play, and discovering the client’s innate gifts and talents. Going through childhood memories, Ms. Roessle helps readers place their key takeaways in a blueprint to they can see what their fulfilling career looks like. Reflecting on play as a child and as an adult helps the reader rediscover their interests and gifts with joy. That joy creates the positive energy needed for career changes to be made.


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