Chris Ferguson Author, Speaker, Spiritual Healer, and Master Life Coach Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About How to Persevere in Life

Chris Ferguson discusses her approach to overcoming difficulties in life from being abandoned at an early age, bullying, and defeating health challenges.  

Chris explained that “Mindset is everything you do in your life. It is everything you think, say, and comprehend. Depending on your Mindset, you could miss opportunities in your career and in your life in general, which then becomes your new set of beliefs and behaviors. It can create a life you want and deserve to have. If people understood how powerful our thoughts are, they would never think that way again. They would never be jealous of another person. They would never be worried, thinking they are walking on eggshells as a floor and waiting for it to crack open. When you criticize yourself for a mistake, error, or misunderstanding, you start telling yourself, “I am not good enough.” “I can’t do anything correctly.” These comments become your beliefs and then trap you in your life as your behaviors.”



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