Christine Love and Trinity Publications Group Recognize Award Winning Entrepreneurs With New Authorship Program

Christine Love and Trinity Publications Group Recognize Award Winning Entrepreneurs With New Authorship Program

Love recently declared the average small business owner, issued an award from a recognized institution, can leverage their award to create a greater impact, more authority and financial stability for the award recipient and their business or cause.

“Let’s face it. The marketplace is more crowded than ever, social media makes prospects deaf to traditional advertising and information overwhelm stifles today’s struggling small business owner,” says Love. “That’s why award winning entrepreneurs have a clear advantage. They stand out, above and beyond their competitors; and, when they know how to leverage recognition received from respected organizations, they can exponentially grow their influence, credibility and authority – all because they think differently than other entrepreneurs.” 

Richard Branson, famed founder of the Virgin Group often speaks about the importance of thinking differently to get an edge.

“Every big business in this world was started by an entrepreneur — and small businesses are the ones creating the jobs, innovating and making life better for everybody,” said Branson. “You have to do the hard part first to be able to get into position to make a difference.”

In an effort to help award winning entrepreneurs make a difference and capitalize on their achievement, Love launched Trinity Publications Group (TPG) Inner Circle. The TPG Inner Circle  project supports award winners in becoming published authors in about 90-days. 

According to Love’s client reviews, her projects are not just theory, as she is a three-time Amazon Best Selling Author and has been delivering business growth, marketing, media and publishing services for more than fifteen years.

“Christine has an incredible way to draw out what you know. I look back and say ‘was that me?’ but I know it was, such is the power she has to get at your knowledge. Christine, with her methods and process, is a pleasure to work with and the results are mind blowing,” said Darryl Smith, author of The New Managers Catch-22.

Oscar Calderon, author of The Client Magnet stated, “The process was smooth and it was literally hands-free. Christine is extremely kind, professional and helpful, guiding me all the way to the Amazon Best Seller’s List…” 

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