Authors and Entrepreneurs Obi & Belinda Ndu Hit Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Out Serve Your Spouse”

Authors and Entrepreneurs Obi & Belinda Ndu Hit Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with  “Out Serve Your Spouse”
Authors and Entrepreneurs Obinna Ndu and wife Belinda Ndu’s recent release, Out Serve Your Spouse- Renew, Revive, Restore any Relationship hit’s best seller list on August 28th, 2018, climbing all the way to Number One in Christian Leadership. It also reached #3 in Christian Marriages along side Gary Chapman’s famous “The 5 Love Languages” best selling book.

In their latest book, Obi and Belinda reveal the secret to a happy marriage. Service! As stated by his mentors, Obi explains, “We believe the best relationships are of those with 2 servants in love, on the other hand the worst relationships are those with 2 selfish people that would prefer to only be served. Think about it this way, the best restaurants are the ones with the best service, the best car dealership experiences are the ones who go above and beyond on…you guessed it…. Service!!! So, if we all love great service, then why is it that most people try to avoid serving the person they chose to spend the rest of their lives with?”

Out Serve Your Spouse takes couples on a 21 day journey to rediscover the romance and magic of the honeymoon. It is filled with actionable steps with examples, notes and encouragement to help renew, revive and restore relationships. There are biblical verses throughout to help cement the covenant marriage vows that were said on the marriage day. Out Serve Your Spouse is a book from two certified marriage counselors that must be used, not just read.

Obi has been training and enlightening both individuals and audiences for over 17 years! His accomplishments are numerous and his impact has affected the lives of tens of thousands seeking change in their lives. As a certified marriage counselor and co-author of numerous marriage programs, Mr. Ndu and his wife are laser focused on helping couples join the “secret society of happy marriages”.

Servant leadership is the phrase that best describes them. They believe in order to be blessed a person first needs to be a blessing. That mindset is what led them to become certified marriage counselors and create Covenant Marriage Academy, a ministry whose sole purpose is to help couples understand when done God’s way, one hundred percent of marriages can work!!

Belinda Ndu is also a certified marriage counselor through Marriage on the Rock and has helped countless couples renew and restore their marriage back to its honeymoon phase.

No stranger to leading in the marriage and relationship arena. Mrs. Ndu worked diligently with her husband and together they created a 5 week relationship enrichment and restoration program accompanied by workbooks and an affirmation guide designed to restore and repair brokenness individually first, before working on the marriage. She has also written and co- authored the book titled “Just because your mouth is moving doesn’t mean you’re communicating”, a book on communication designed to strategically help couples discover how the unspoken is actually what’s really running the relationship.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Belinda Ndu stated, “We are extremely humbled but excited about the movement that is taking place in countless homes all across the globe. This is proof that the modern day marriage is real and not just a cute but superficial Instagram or Facebook post. Couples, whether newly wedded, courting or veterans in love are all seeking for more substance in their relationships. My husband and I created this concept that developed into a movement in a total of 48 hours together and now we have penned it and are gifting it to the world so that they too may have a more quality experience in love.”



Mr. & Mrs. Ndu own not one, not two, but four successful businesses with a humble, but strong workforce. They have personally trained thousands of individuals in many aspects of life from finances to relationships. Over the past 17 years, they have broken records in their respective industries and have been featured in Success from Home Magazine, Huffington Post, Profiles of Success, ABC, NBC, Fox News, and countless other publications! Mr. & Mrs. Ndu take pride in their achievements as entrepreneurs, but according to them, the most valuable creations God has manifested through them are their six children. Outside of the worldly success this couple has achieved, they are even more passionate about doing God’s work.

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