Clone of Award Winning Holistic Recovery Expert Launches The Èlan Power Plan  To Help High Achievers Prevent Burnout and Injury

Jennifer O’ Connor, the CEO of Èlan PowerTM, is already known amongst the inner circle of New York high achievers as the go to expert when it comes to eradicating chronic pain and getting your mind and body in sync for greater movement, productivity and cultivating the mindset of a champion. 

She understands that for successful go-getters, failure is not an option as they have high level pressure and many people relying on them. They’re often exhausted, in chronic pain, experiencing restless sleep, and feeling stuck. They approach Jennifer because they know she can help them obtain new energy, stamina and drive. Her clients bounce back in record time.  One of her clients had a dream to climb Everest, yet he had chronic back pain for years and tried everything.

“A number of months ago I contacted Jennifer. I had a goal and I needed her to help me attain it. During our first session she asked me what I hoped to accomplish and I told her that I planned to go to Everest, and secondly that I wanted to wake up in the morning with no pain. For most of my life I have suffered chronic back pain. A skiing accident during a downhill when I was 18 and originally diagnosed as a series of broken ribs was, years later re-diagnosed as a fractured vertebrae. Nine months since I have started back with Jennifer I am 100% certain I can reach Everest. And I don’t wake up in pain.  Jennifer will make you reach your goals, and then she’ll take you further. Trust me, trust in her.” Cai Palmer, CEO, Wine at Five.


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