Coach And Speaker Writes Inspiring Memoir About A Life Spent Striving For More

High performance coach and speaker Moses Nalocca has written his first book, sharing the story of his life and how he became driven to helping top athletes, c-suite executives and business owners strive to be the very best in their fields.

MORE explains how Moses went from a premature baby fighting for his life in Uganda to the coach who transformed Bulgaria’s sporting legacy when he helped athlete Ivet Goranova win the nation’s first Olympic gold medal in 13 years in the Tokyo Games. 

The memoir touches on challenging periods in Moses’ life, including the death of his younger brother, Joshua, who was hit by a car outside his kindergarten at the age of four and the devastating impact the tragedy had on his whole family. It also covers his upbringing as the only black boy in his school, feeling different from his peers.

Moses, who now lives in London, said he felt inspired to write his story so people could learn more about him.

He said: “The whole theme of my life has been to never settle for mediocrity and to always strive for more and that is shown in this book. I was born two months early, tiny and fighting for life – no one thought I would ever amount to anything, but I’ve always defied people’s expectations.

“It would have been easy to fall into the trap of being a victim but my mother always taught me to aim high and not settle for being like everyone else. This mindset is how I help those working at the highest levels – the upper echelons – make an impact which goes far beyond themselves and inspires and changes the world.”

The founder of the Upper Echelon Coaching Academy, Moses is the man credited with breaking Bulgaria’s Olympic medal curse when he worked with Ivet Goranova, helping her shift her identity from an athlete with mediocre results to a gold-winning karate champion in 2021. He is a professional speaker and a representative of Success Resources and the world-famous entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins.

MORE will be available to pre-order from February 10, Moses’ 39th birthday, before its full release on March 10. A special edition of the book will be available from from February 10.


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