Connecting Atlanta Launches New Website To Help Atlanta Business Owners Save Money Hosting Live Events

Connecting Atlanta Launches New Website To Help Atlanta Business Owners Save Money Hosting Live Events
When your business wants to host a live event, it can be very time to consume and costly.

That’s why to Jacqueline Waller, it made sense to provide all the tools & resources with prenegotiated discounts that Atlanta business owners would need for their live event in one place. 

You can view the new Connecting Atlanta site here:

Ms. Waller said, “When a company wants to host a live event, there are many things that have to be put into place before the event can even start. First is a venue to host the event, will there be food and drinks, are we going to video record the event, how do we get the word out about the event, and much more. The costs to put on an event are rising and can get pretty expensive. This new website is going to really help people save money, time & simplify the entire event process.”

She went on and said, “One part of this new website will be an up to date list of locations/rooms that can be used with a barter system. As an example, let the location owner have 10 minutes of speaking time and you can use the room for free. We have also negotiated discounts for video people, photographers, caterers, event advertising, technical gear, and a whole host of other products & services from local businesses in the Atlanta area.”

Jacqueline finished up by saying, “The goal is for this site to be a platform for business experts to come to and build up their customer base through live business workshops.”

Jacqueline H. Waller has a passion for supporting and assisting people in reaching their visions and goals. With that, she knows that any dream, vision or movement requires both exposure and revenue.

The secret to her success is her strong ability to seek out the value proposition from any person or firm she encounters. Under the ‘value is a two-way street’ philosophy, she engages others and makes the appropriate recommendations or devises a strategy.

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