“Discover Your Potential” At “Money & You” On November 15th – 18th, 2023 In San Diego, California

Dan Gilman and Anna Devere, the hosts of “The Discover Your Potential Show” alongside their friend and Money & You grad, Dr. Tom Chesser, will offer people a chance to be interviewed and potential sponsors to be a part of the show. The show features interviews that spark change. The results are measured by “The Ripple Effects Of Conversations That Matter.” In celebration of 44 years of Money & You and Dame Doria Cordova’s birthday, this Money & You Program will be a blast.

Combined, Dan Gilman and Anna Devere specialize in how to reinvent life in a changing world. When life threw them a curveball, they teamed up to continue the legacy of “Discover Your Potential.” Speaking from experience, the team plays a vital role in providing stability as people learn to pivot in uncertain times. Creative collaboration and adaptability are their superpowers.

Dan Gilman and Anna Devere became International Best-Selling Authors alongside Dame Doria Cordova and 37 other talented people featured in Health-A-Pedia, the six pillars of health. Empowering with health & healing:


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