Diverse Representation And Porter Wright Support Black Sports Advisors And Industry Professionals Through 2022 NBA All-Star Brunch February 18

On February 18, Jaia Thomas, Esq., of Diverse Representation, is hosting the 2022 NBA All-Star Brunch celebrating Black agents, attorneys, managers, publicists and other executives in the industry. The event is sponsored by WarnerMedia, Morgan Stanley Global Sports and Entertainment and Porter Wright. The goal of the event is to provide a powerful opportunity for Black athletes and sports professionals to meet new people, network, share brunch, and learn from a panel of speakers. Brunch will be followed by an insightful conversation about the state of diversity in the sports industry and pathways to ensuring a greater number of professional athletes, teams, leagues, and organizations are hiring and retaining Black professionals. 

One sponsor of this year’s NBA All-Star Brunch is Luke Fedlam, a Partner at Porter Wright. Luke is passionate about supporting black athletes, advisors and sports industry professionals. “Anytime that you can bring together black agents, attorneys, managers, publicists, sports executives throughout the sports industry, it’s going to be a great time. We get involved because voices of black advisors need to be heard and relationships built to maximize the network and wealth of experience that we all have in this space and to help mentor younger professionals who are just getting started in the sports industry.”


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