Dmitry Chebotarev President of Oxford Investment Group Shares His Expertise in Real Estate Investment

Today we have the president of Oxford Investment Partners, Dmitry Chebotarev an expert in real estate investment, creative financing, negotiations, acquisitions and business development.

With eighty million Millennia’s coming of age and emerging as leaders in the U.S. alone, Generation Y is has become a generation of entrepreneurs choosing self-employment over the traditional j.o.b. Dmitriy Chebotarev is a generation Y trailblazer.

At 25, Dmitriy Chebotarev is Chairman and President of Oxford Investment Partners, Manager of Oxford Fund Managers, CEO of Vosht Healthcare, and Founder of OCINC, as well as LAINC, which are monthly networking events of like-minded investors, institutional fund managers, bankers, and real estate developers.

Oxford Investment Partners Dmitry ChebotarevQ: Dmitry, what lead you to real estate investment at such a young age?

 A:  I fell into it. When I was younger I changed my major several times and dropped out of college. I began working for a company, that my older siblings were part of, for an hourly wage. I closed on a big deal in 2009 and it led to me becoming a partner. Eventually, I wanted to start my own company and the rest is history.


Q: What has been the key to your success?

 A:  Perseverance, hard work, and solid partnerships

 Q: Is there a particular emerging market you have your eye on?

 A: Las Vegas. It is out performing California in many ways, there is a lot of money to still be made in this cycle.

 Q: Can you explain the free and clear ownership model?

 A: Free and clear ownership just means that you own the asset in all equity (cash) as opposed to equity and debt. The best way to explain it is to discuss what debt does. Debt is a multiplier, it can work in your favor or against you. In a crash scenario, if you own something in all cash, there is any bank or lender that can take the asset away from you, whereas if you own something with significant leverage, then it is possible to go belly up. Free and clear ownership is simply a conservative way of investing.

 Q: What are the things a person should consider before deciding how they will finance a real estate deal?

 A: Determine their willingness to lose their principal investment. If you have a large amount of wealth, then you will most likely diversify across both full equity and highly leveraged assets. This is normal and I would encourage this. However, if you have only several hundred thousand to invest, then it may benefit you to be more conservative and avoid leveraging up 80%. When I was new to the game I was investing using a maximum of 50% LTV (which is fairly safe).

 Q: What are some tips you can give to investors that are new to the game?

A: Learn to understand finance and analytics. Most people do not and it will truly make you safer to know how to underwrite a deal.

Dmitry Chebotarev

As President at Oxford Investment Partners Dmitriy oversees investor relationships and drives business development in all Oxford occupied markets. He guides the company’s acquisition strategy and mentors the management and professional staff in practices, process, and techniques that facilitate and promote strong investor focused consultative relationships.

Dmitriy is experienced in business development, corporate operations, and finance. Prior to Oxford Investment Partners; Dmitriy held a key role on the finance team at Davita Healthcare Partners, a Fortune 500 company. While at Davita, he led business critical operations, oversaw and conducted complex financial audits, and implemented strategic corporate process improvement initiates. Dmitriy was a top performer and his work resulted in over $30M monthly revenue for the company.

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