Julian Hayes II Explains the Art of Success Through Fitness

We are here today with Julian Hayes II, the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. Hayes is also the author of “Body Architect”, the popular fitness guide that has been the road map for many professionals on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Julian_Hayes II_Art_of_Fitness _Life-Business_Innovators_Magazine_InterviewA: I’m an author, health and wellness consultant, speaker, and the founder of The Art of Fitness & Life. On a 1-on-1 level, I help entrepreneurs and busy high-performing professionals lose weight, have more energy, and feel more confident. On an organizational level, I consult and help small businesses to build a healthier company culture and improve employee health, thus helping to increase the business’s bottom line.

Coaching and frequently contributing to places such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, The Huffington Post and many other publications was the last thing I expected in college. I only started working out and reading about nutrition because superheroes had muscles (I’m an unapologetic nerd).

In actuality, my initial career dream was to become an Ophthalmologist. In fact, I completed a year of Medical School in New York and decided over the summer to not go back but to instead pursue my current mission of helping one million men and women integrate health and wellness into a life they love.

Tavis Bucklin

Tavis Bucklin is a #1 Best-selling author, and contributing iReporter for CNN covering leaders in Business, Health, and Personal Development.Tavis has been published in ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX and Forbes Magazine among other outlets.