WallaZoom: The Local Business Search Engine That Shops For You

There have been several advertising problems plaguing businesses and consumers for the millennia.  In fact, the smaller the business, the bigger the problem.  WallaZoom.com has solved several important problems for both vendors and consumers.  It turns out that consumers benefit as much as vendors.  This in turn creates an attractive marketing platform for businesses.

Let’s first be clear.  WallaZoom is designed for local businesses and the consumers in their shopping area.  If, for instance, you have a business in Colorado Springs, Colorado then WallaZoom connects your business to consumers in the Colorado Springs area only.  Why?  Because the WallaZoom staff contends that no one is helping the local businesses in the way they need and want.

For example, as a consumer you could search for “men’s jeans” in WallaZoom.  Depending on vendors, you may get only five results, maybe 10 or 20.   This twist reduces the consumer’s research time by 93% and makes vendors much more visible and thus profitable.  Compare that to searching for men’s jeans on Google and getting 50,200,000 results.  Since people are more hurried nowadays, the more attractive search option is to look at the 5-20 results because who has time to look through fifty million plus results.

What’s more, WallaZoom does something no other search engine or marketing platform does for local vendors and consumers.  If a consumer searches on WallaZoom for a product or service but can’t find it because a vendor isn’t yet offering it, with one click the consumer can easily have WallaZoom keep an eye out for when a vendor “does” offer it.  When the item is available, it notifies the consumer on the WallaZoom app that sits on the consumer’s computer screen.  A small orange pop up appears in the bottom right of the screen telling the consumer they have a new alert.  The consumer clicks the “View” button on the small orange pop up and it brings up the desktop app showing the notification.  The consumer clicks on it and sees what WallaZoom found.   Instead of the consumer wasting time searching, they have WallaZoom do the work while they go about their lives.

Furthermore, the consumer can turn the new product or service alert into a reminder alert so they don’t lose track of important alerts.   As an example, if you’re looking for a birthday gift and you received an alert, you may not have time to run out and buy it for several days yet you don’t want to forget about that special deal.  So you create a reminder alert.  At any time, you can bring up the reminder alert so you know where the special deal is.

Not only that, with one click consumers can get alerts when vendors of their choice create a new advertisement for a product or service or change pricing on an existing advertised product or service.

Why would the consumer want these two kinds of alerts? 

It’s because consumers are creatures of habit and tend to shop at their favorite places. When the consumer has a vendor alert in place on their favorite vendors, WallaZoom keeps an eye on the vendor’s advertising so the consumer doesn’t have to.  Rather than wasting time researching on line or looking through newspapers, WallaZoom simply notifies the consumer when the vendor advertises or changes pricing.    Price change alerts are important to consumers when they have their eye on something and want to see if the price or the offer gets better.  For example, say you have your eye on a $50,000.00 car.   Would it be important to you if WallaZoom notified you that the vendor is dropping the price $3,000.00 and offering one-year’s worth of fuel this weekend only?  Of course!

As a vendor, there are additional benefits besides the above.  For example, it is not possible to search engine optimize or bid for ad placements because no business can get exclusive positioning above another.  This creates a level playing field for all businesses no matter the ad budget.  Thus, if you’re a small one-man business going against a goliath competitor with thousands of employees and hundreds of locations, the goliath has no way of getting better placement visibility than the small business.  Compare that to advertising on Google where those with the biggest budget ultimately get the most visibility.  Frankly, that applies to nearly all advertising mediums except WallaZoom.

What’s more, because of WallaZoom’s alert system, it finds customers for vendors and opens communication between them.  In fact, WallaZoom boasts 3 breakthrough ways for vendors to communicate with consumers.  You already know about two of them – the Vendor Alerts and the Price Change alerts.   The third way is on WallaZoom’s desktop app that sits on the consumers computer screen.  WallaZoom can send a message to consumers on behalf of vendors.  The message shows up on the consumer’s app on their computer screen and is very much like an email only better because it can be targeted (ie. Women, age 30-55),  can’t be unsubscribed from, is noninvasive and therefore welcome, and 5 times more affordable and effective than traditional email.

Conston Taylor

Conston Taylor is a specialized marketing expert and host of Business Innovators Radio, covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business, Technology, Finance and Personal Development