Clear Your Hidden Money Blocks To Allow For More Money And More Clients

Money-Mindset Mastery Expert Joan Hughes helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs make more money and attract clients in their business through her proven “Blast Through Your Money Blocks” process. I recently sat down with Joan to find out more about her work.

Zaza Giroday: Tell me more about who you help.

Joan Hughes: I can literally help anybody with what I do, and I have, but I decided I wanted to help people in business. The reason is that a lot of people go into business for freedom, and they end up actually creating themselves another job, and they’re not free. We think we’re going to be, and then we end up not being free and we can’t understand why. It’s sort of like a boat that has been beautifully painted, beautifully constructed and has magnificent sails but its anchor is in the water and the captain can’t figure out why the boat won’t move. Maybe I have to work harder. Maybe I have to take this course and that course, and maybe I just don’t know enough. I’ve experienced that, and whatever I experience, I tend to want to help other people with.

I work with a lot of coaches, and I’m a coach, and we coaches are very heart centered, and if we could we would work for free. As a matter of fact, a lot of people start off that way, and they find it really hard to ask for money.

So that’s a sign of a money block. It’s a sign of a belief about money – either about one’s self, one’s ability, one’s worthiness or just about money itself. It really does prevent people from earning enough money to stay in business.

Zaza Giroday: Are your clients aware of what’s going on when they come to you?

Joan Hughes: Very often they’re not. No, they don’t know. They think they’ve done everything, but they also will blame themselves. It must be something they aren’t good at, or they often think there’s something else they need to know. And I just want to emphasize how important this is: you would think it goes without saying but if you’re heart and your intention are on helping people, you often forget this other piece, which is that your business needs money, or it will fail. If a person in business doesn’t treat the business like a business and doesn’t make enough money, they’re not in this real world and that business is going to fail.

Zaza Giroday: What kind of myths do you feel that your clients have? Or misconceptions about why they can’t make money?

Joan Hughes: Money is our friend. It facilitates our vision; it allows us to bring into existence something that has never existed before that we want to bring into existence. But that’s not how we’re brought up. We’re brought up that it’s hard to make a buck. You have to struggle. You’re not working hard enough. You have to work more hours. You have to work on weekends. You should be working at night.

Many of us were also brought up to believe that some people are lucky, that’s why they’ve got lots of money, or they must have stolen it from somebody else. Or that the wealthy don’t really deserve it.

There are so many stories around money, when, in fact, it’s available to everybody equally. It all depends on the ground that money lands on. If it lands on a ground that accepts it, money will grow. If the land rejects it, with all these stories that we have about money, there’s nowhere it can plant itself. There’s nowhere money can enter your life.

In reality, what I have discovered is that the people who do make a lot of money easily don’t have a lot of money blocks and they have a mind that is receptive to receiving money, while the people who are struggling are the ones who sadly have a lot of money blocks, which are influencing them in a hidden way they are totally unaware of, and they would never even be able to guess.

In the work I do, I can get to the blocks immediately, it’s very direct, very targeted. I see the specific reason, the things that have been hidden from them and are blocking them from accepting money in their lives. They are asking for it, but in the background, there’s another conversation going on in the subconscious mind.

On the one hand, they’re asking for it and wanting it, and on the other hand, they have a program that is in conflict with what they are consciously asking for and consciously believing they believe.

Zaza Giroday: How do your clients become aware of the fact that they should seek your help?

Joan Hughes: The people who seek my help are the ones who are fed up. They’ve had it. They hit bottom, and say to themselves “Either I do something about this or I’m going to quit.” They’ve tried everything and they finally realize it’s got to be themselves. They begin to sense that there’s something in them that is holding them back.

Zaza Giroday: So what do you do when they find you?

Joan Hughes: I start by removing their number one money block, and very often they actually feel a shift. They may feel lighter, or something they knew they didn’t believe before or couldn’t say about themselves, they can suddenly say that statement and believe it and feel clear about it.

Isabelle Giroday

A long time international journalist (Knight Ridder Financial News/Reuters), Isabelle Giroday is a contributor for the Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, USA Today and Talk Show Host at Business Innovators Radio.

With over 15 years of helping businesses with communication and PR, she is an educator and advocate for women entrepreneurs.