Lee Eisenstaedt Best Selling Author of “Being A Leader With Courage” Interview with T. Allen Hanes

Based on interviews with 30 CEOs, “Being A Leader With Courage” will help anyone currently in the C-Suite or aspiring to move up in an organization. The motivation for conducting the interviews was the author’s interest in understanding why, for the past 20 years, 40%-50% of executives fail, quit, or are pushed out during the first 18 months in a new position. Christine Robins, President and CEO of Char-Broil, LLC was among the executives interviewed for the book. This is what she has said about it: “Being A Leader With Courage” offers pragmatic, easy to understand advice on making a difference as a leader. Unlike the books that deal with a leader’s character and other soft skills, Lee has chosen to focus on behaviors and practical approaches that accelerate the alignment of an organization or team around a few initiatives that will make a difference.

Any leader or manager will benefit from the ideas in this easy-to-read book.” Among the other CEOs who Lee interviewed are: Gay Gadis, CEO and Founder of T3, the largest woman-owned advertising agency in the U.S., Adrienne Stevens, President of Notions Marketing Corporation, the world’s largest distributor of of creative arts products, and John Borling, retired Major General of the United States Air Force whose 37-year military career included being the Head of Operations for Strategic Air Command (SAC). The proven, practical ideas in the book can be applied immediately and will allow the reader to make a larger impact even sooner than expected. This impact includes being more successful at developing and implementing strategic and operating plans. The book also includes an on-line self-assessment that takes five minutes to complete. It is designed to improve self-awareness and identify the blind spots leaders and managers may want to work on to increase the impact they have on their businesses. Readers will find “Being A Leader With Courage” complements an on-boarding plan, an executive coach, and leadership assessments such as DISC and Myers-Briggs.

T. Allen Hanes

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Radio Host. T. Allen Hanes is long a time entrepreneur and business contributor for Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, Thrive Global and Medium. He is also the founder of The Authority Syndicate Group. Co-Founder of The Crypto business Forum New York. An Educator and Advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has also traveled the world speaking and educating audiences.