Dr. Scott Michael Schreiber Explains the Connection Between Prolonged Sitting and Back Pain

We are here today with Delaware’s only Board Certified Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Scott Michael Schreiber. The topic is back pain in the office.

Scott Michael Schreiber

Q Dr. Schreiber, what are some of the reasons people working desk jobs get
back pain?

Desk job workers sit in sustained positions in poor posture for extended periods. This repetitive srtain causes increased stress on various back structures causing pain. It the office workers does not change the ergonomics of the work station and change posture, the pain will not resolve.

Q What are some things a person working in a desk job can do to
prevent back pain?

Getting out of the positions that cause pain is the most important.
Changing ergonomics, desk exercises and simply standing up after about
twenty minutes will prevent back pain.

Q Can you give me an example of one thing that is supposed to
be good for your back while working at a desk job, but can
actually cause problems?

The act of sitting is the cause of back pain. Our bodies are designed to
move. We are not designed to be in static, sustained positions for
extensive periods of time.

Q What is a common misconception people have about visiting a

The only treatment I offer is manipulation. There are many patients I do
not perform manipulation on for a variety of reasons. Another misconception is that I only treat the spine. I treat the entire body, not
just the spine.

Q What is one thing someone must consider before treating
themselves for back pain?

You must identify the cause before you can treat the pain. If you do not,
you are just shooting in the dark!

Dr. Scott Schreiber has been practicing in Newark, Delaware for over eleven years. He is a chiropractic physician that is double board certified in rehabilitation and clinical nutrition. He is a certified nutrition specialist and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.

Scott Michael Schreiber, DC, DACRB, DCBCN, MS, LDN, Cert. MDT, CKTP, CNS

To learn more please visit www.drscottschreiber.com

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