Dr Vidhya creates immense success through power of mindset

So, Dr. Vidhya… tell us about your business… 

I serve all with my business, but my passion and drive currently lies in empowering and teaching women and mothers (or soon-to-be mothers) to reach their fullest, truest potential. I help them achieve this by working with them to develop their bulletproof confidence through self-healing their mind, body and soul. Using my H.E.A.R.T. system (which stands for Healing, Empowerment, Awakening, Rise and Thrive), I guide them to become global leaders and follow in the example of Mother Gaia. Many then go on to teach others as published authors, “soulpreneurs”, and by becoming part of my Warrior of Love and Light Movement. 

This work is not only life-changing but world-changing, too, and I am here to remind my clients of that every step of the way.

What’s the story behind your business? 

I was involved in a car accident which could have left me with some serious permanent injuries, but thankfully I was able to recover from torn shoulder ligaments over the following six months. I was, however, taken aback by the emotional side of my recovery, and in my determination to not develop PTSD I learned a lot about emotional intelligence and stability. This has become a major passion of mine, and led me to my focus on mind mastery. 

My story went a stage further when I had my own lockdown a few years ago, following some birth complications. Myself and my son had a short spell in the High Dependency Unit and Intensive Care, and ended up having to be locked down at home for three to four months post-birth. During this time, I used my knowledge as a doctor coupled with my spirituality to prevent myself from developing postnatal depression. I was determined to keep myself going and, over the course of the lockdown, I wrote a book (in just a week!), started up my publishing company, Athena Publishing House Ltd, started my Master of Business Administration course, and got promoted to NHS Mental Health Director.

I am unapologetically and immensely proud of myself, but also aware of just how difficult it was, because there were hardly any resources available for postnatal women or people unable to leave the house caring for a newborn baby. So online education and virtual healing became a passion of mine, and that is now what I do. Thankfully, I was well set up for this. So, even during a time when I was restricted and being questioned by many about what I was doing, my virtual practice and business allowed me to serve people through healing and education, for which I am eternally grateful.

This experience is also the reason why I am so passionate about helping mothers, who in my opinion are often made to feel that, if they have ambitions outside of caring for their baby, they are being selfish. But actually, the most beautiful gift a child can get is a mother who is empowered, emotionally fulfilled, healthy in mind, body and spirit, addressing the pillars of her own life, and leading the way in the family, in harmony with the child’s other guardians. This is necessary for nurturing the next generation so that they can thrive no matter the circumstances. The person they watch from the start is who they learn from predominantly, so we need to put on a phenomenal show because they will imitate all we do! 

A child’s thoughts and belief systems are in development until the age of 7, and after that you can reprogram the mind. But the early years are a crucial time. As many mothers are also juggling both work and home, though, they often feel like they aren’t reaching their full potential in either, and I want to show them that there is another way. Also, many mothers have been through pregnancy and postnatal issues which they need help to heal from, not just physically but on a spiritual level, too. This is an important part of both their and their child’s journey.  

It doesn’t have to be hard or painful. It’s time to rise up, Warrior Goddess Mamas! 

Do you have any regrets? What would you change? 

I would tell my past self to communicate to yourself and your loved ones what you need to make you happy and healthy, including happy and healthy boundaries. It’s also important not to be a people pleaser and to focus on self-mastery instead, and this will be reflected in all aspects of your life.

Remember that there are no mistakes in life, except when you don’t follow the light when it shows itself and you continue on without it. Listen to your intuition and not to others’ opinions, as long as it’s for the highest good of all. Having a scarcity mindset about many things, including money, relationships, and the self, will not serve you, so trust and use your powers of creativity. 

You may need to fix and heal the past in order to move forwards. So stop muting your light. You are being called upon to be the bright beam of light that you are, so take the risk and get moving –people are waiting for your service. Really ask yourself whether you are editing yourself too much, and then shine your light bright and go for it. Take that leap of faith and you will build a plane on the way down that will take you back up! 

This is what I tell my inner child, and I have in the past written it in a letter to myself as part of a healing ritual. 

What is YOUR way of doing business? 

Ultimately for me, I know I’m running my business in the right way, because when I work I use my mental faculty of intuition to ensure I am serving all and addressing each pillar of my clients’ lives (health, wealth, life purpose, self-mastery, spirituality, and relationships) in a holistic way. This enables me to do the same in my life, which means both myself and my clients reap all of the peaceful, passionate, purposeful and philanthropic profits together. 

Luana Ribeira

Luana Ribeira is a best selling author, international speaker and host of business Innovators Radio.