El Paso Ranks As America’s 7th Most Livable City

El Paso Ranks As America's 7th Most Livable City
“The people of El Paso know that their city is a little gem,” remarked Raymond Campbell, owner of Texas House Investors, a group of home buyers in El Paso, “and I think many of them would prefer it to remain somewhat undiscovered. The city offers a combination of lifestyle, location, and climate that is unmatched by other cities.”

Recently the real estate website AreaVibes completed a survey ranking the most livable cities in the United States. But this was not the only recent recognition for the city. El Paso has been awarded the Governor’s Achievement Award and in another study the city was ranked 5th in a list of best small cities in the USA. And another ranking of cities included El Paso as an All-American city in June of 2018.

House buyers in El Paso have also seen the key factors that make the city a desirable place to live. The cost of housing or the median home price in El Paso is 35% lower than the USA average. And the median home value in El Paso is 16% lower than the rest of Texas,” stated Mr. Campbell. The current median home price in El Paso is $119,300 vs. $142,700 for all of Texas. The national median home price is $184,700. A median average is one in which half the values are below it and half the values are above it.

Other factors contribute to El Paso’s rising star. The cost of living is one of the lowest in the nation and the education system stacks up well against comparable systems. El Paso offers a large variety of choices for leisure activities. These choices include theatre, golf, arts, sightseeing tours, historical sites, museums, symphony, and more. It also shares a border with Mexico and its sister city, Ciudad Juarez. And Big Bend National Park is a five hour drive to the southeast.

Not to be overlooked is the weather in El Paso. Nicknamed “The Sun City” El Paso experiences sunshine an average of 302 days per year. The average daily high temperature during the summer ranges between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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