Eric Edelist, Founder of Bizooy®, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

During the interview, Eric detailed his solution for local businesses to build their reputation quickly and easily with automation. The Mission of Bizooy® is to build affordable technology to help local businesses succeed.

Eric explained that “Bizooy® delivers a powerful advantage to our users. We’ve put a great deal of thought into how to optimize customer visits by gaining feedback to build the business’ reputation. We connect the dots to customer experiences in an organic way that helps build real social trust, which multiplies exponentially.”


Edelist continued, “Bizooy® converts 15% of customers into new reviews:

One hundred customers visited your business this month but didn’t share. With Bizooy® you can reach out to the 100 customers to ask them for feedback. The feedback turns into 15 happy customers, leaving you a good review.”

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About Eric Edelist
Eric is an experienced Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist. He’s a positive-thinking self-starter with a diverse background in digital marketing and subscription-based companies. Eric built his company Bizooy® to provide local businesses with a next-level, proactive way to catch and resolve customer issues and improve their public image – he wanted to provide affordable technology to help local businesses succeed.

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