World-Leading Solution Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance Reaches UK

Synbio Shield UK sells Synbiotic cleaning products for infection prevention and control. Using 100% natural ingredients, synbiotics combine powerful probiotics and prebiotics in a patented cleaning, skincare, and fogging programme that shields with a safe microbiome.

Scientific studies over 15 years have shown Synbio Shield strains of probiotics reduce the risk of viral infection by up to 10,000 times and reduce healthcare-associated infections by at least 52%. These probiotics help reduce the presence of bad bacteria, pathogens, carrying the drug-resistant genes by more than 99%. 

A 2020 study found that by adopting Synbio Shield UK probiotic cleaning hygiene system the antimicrobial drug consumption associated with healthcare-associated infections showed a 60% decrease and 75% decrease of associated costs. Such findings would translate to saving millions in every hospital setting. 

Elad Amir, Director of Synbio Shield UK, states, “Synbiotics are the electric car of the cleaning world. We have 100% scientifically validated products, including live interventional studies in hospitals, to show that they will save thousands of lives and millions of pounds. The cost-in-use is the same or cheaper than biocides.” He continues, “It quite literally won’t cost the earth.”


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