EvolveXP 2022 Live Event, March 3rd – 4th, Created By Money & You Worldwide, With Masters In The Field Of Entrepreneurship And Transformation

The genius behind this 2-day program is a team led by Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, who has helmed the Money & You Program for 43 years. EvolveXP is led by Money & You Instructor Kerry Zurier – a master coach, entrepreneur, and the person who trains up-and-coming Money & You, Instructors. Kerry co-created this with an astounding team of global experts: incredible, experienced Money & You Instructors and entrepreneurs who run multi-million-dollar organizations. A community of successful business owners and transformational leaders from all walks of life are involved and committed to delivering this transformational, leading-edge, tried, and proven live event in the most robust manner possible. Some of them have been living and breathing Money & You principles in their lives and are focused on creating a breakthrough moment for other people as well – the result, an incredible program that people must experience.

Here are what people are saying around the world about the EvolveXP Program and Experience:


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