Chris Blair, Founder of Maestro Associates, Denver Flat-Fee Financial Planning Firm Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Owning Income Real Estate

During the interview, Blair discusses the extraordinary value proposition he provides clients.

Chris says, ” Your dreams matter. We understand the challenges that make it harder to achieve your financial goals, and we’re ready to provide the education, coaching, and advice. We believe your financial success is achievable no matter your current situation or economic status. We feel that flat-fee planning is a unique opportunity for our clients which differs from traditional financial advising in some compelling ways.”

In the podcast interview some of the items discussed are:

  • Should a client sell real estate to invest in the markets?
  • How leases and rents compare to dividends.
  • Developing real estate into multi-family units.
  • The risks of rents/cash-flow disruption leading to eviction.

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